Covenant LifeHouse Ministries
Sunday, March 18, 2018
Bringing People into Covenant Relationship with the Lord


Currently, six members, Elaine Hill, Sheila Moody, Joyce Kennedy, Leroy Holloway, Reston Powell and Vincent Moody have been appointed by church and ordained by Pastor Powell.
With a heart to serve, not only the Lord, the Pastor and First Lady but concentrating on the congregation, this ministry  involves assisting all Covenant LifeHouse Ministries' ministers, stewards, and other ministry leads as needed to ensure church service and other church events goes with little to no disruption.  
More over, deacons must maintain regular church attendance while encouraging other to to the same, organize and assist church baptisms, assist with new member training and integration into congregation,  serve communion during service and to sick and shut-in, light church maintenance, and seeking and assisting sick and shut in and nonmembers with benevolent matters.
Finally, Deacons are charged with encouraging and assisting the congregation and it's leadership with spiritual issues, and are available to the congregation and Covenant LifeHouse Ministries leadership for personal matters as well.