Covenant LifeHouse Ministries
Sunday, March 18, 2018
Bringing People into Covenant Relationship with the Lord

Men's Ministry

The Men's Ministry is dedicated to help men develop intimacy with God through our personal relationship with His son, our Lord Jesus Christ, and to discover the power of the Holy Spirit.

This ministry encourages men to become the spiritual leaders the Lord calls them to be in their home, church, career and community. Grow in accountability, bible study, fellowship, and prayer, all being contributors to the goal of this ministry, with help from the Holy Spirit. Meet as a small group of men to encourage and challenge each other to live a life passionate for Christ.
“As followers of Jesus Christ, we desire to spur one another on to become Godly men, as we all mature towards Christ-likeness!”  Ephesians 4:15

 The threefold goal of CLHM Men's Fellowship is –
     1. Getting together because of Christ.
     2. Growing together in Christ.
     3. Going forth to serve Christ.
Through this ministry we aim -
     1. To walk with God and grow in our Christian life.
     2. To be a pacesetter at home and at church. 
     3. To consistently share the Gospel with the lost and unchurched.
To accomplish our goals we must -- "Proclaim, Teach, & Send"

1. "Proclaim" - Share the Good News of Jesus Christ, calling men to make a personal commitment to follow Jesus as Lord.
2. "Teach" - Encourage and help men grow to full maturity in Christ.
3. "Send" - Empower, equip and send men to do the work of ministry.